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The ultimate home for all your Lightning powered devices. This re-designed version of HiRise is one third smaller to free up space, twice as heavy for extra stability and features elegant curves inspired by the iPhone designs
Model: HiRise Deluxe 2
  • HiRise Deluxe 2 includes both MFi-certified Lightning and Micro-USB cables.
  • Use this beautiful little stand for hands-free use of your iPhone or iPad, while keeping all your Lightning connected devices fully charged. With HiRise Deluxe 2 you can stay charged, focused and productive without being tethered to your desk.
  • In addition to charging, the HiRise Deluxe 2 creates the perfect place to use your devices hands free. Perch your iPhone or iPad atop the stand to raise your screen to a more comfortable height for FaceTime or Skype calls without blocking the sound coming out of your iPhone stereo speakers. Also speakerphone calls are crisp and clear.
  • Another great feature of the HiRise Deluxe 2 is that it adjusts to fit so many cases. The rear support on this little stand slides back and forth and includes three height clips (0 mm/3 mm/6 mm), supporting protective cases, minimal shells or no case at all. You can even use the most protective of cases. 
  • Charges iPhones, iPads and most smartphones
  • Elevates screen for hands-free desktop use and display
  • Adjustable support post fits most shells and cases
  • Does not block headphones, speaker or microphones
  • Includes both Lightning and Micro-USB cables

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