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HiRise Duet is a luxe charging stand that powers your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, in the same place. It is the first dual charging stand that powers up Apple Watch in Nightstand mode.
  • Adjustable rear support
  • Compatible with iPhones,iPad
  • Convenient stand
  • Available in Space Grey
Model: HiRise Duet
  • This sleek, convenient stand holds Apple Watch on its side, which automatically turns it into a bedside alarm clock, with the crown serving as a snooze button.
  • To protect your beautiful iWatch, the base of HiRise Duet is thoughtfully lined with a soft layer of premium leather.
  • Unbox HiRise Duet and you’ll find a fully assembled stand, including an integrated Lightning connector for iPhone/iPad, a built-in Magnetic Charging Disc for your Apple Watch and a single AC Power Cable to charge both devices simultaneously.
  • Only one power cable extends from the base of the stand to reduce cable clutter on your nightstand.
  • Charge iPhone and Apple Watch with one elegant stand
  • Wired charger charges iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / iPhone X twice as fast as wireless Qi charging
  • Made from sleek metal and accented with napa leather
  • Rest Apple Watch on soft leather in Nightstand mode
  • Adjustable rear support and connector height fits most shells and cases
  • Includes MFI-Certified Lightning connector, Apple Watch charging disk and wall charger
  • Compatible with iPhones,iPad, and Apple Watch (38 & 42 mm), as well as other Lightning-enabled devices

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