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Meet Fermata by Twelve South, the world’s first Charging Stand for Wireless Headphones.
  • Available in BLACK & SILVER
Model: Fermata
  • Whether you're short on USB ports or the Wireless Headphones didn’t include a charger, the Fermata solves this challenge beautifully. An elegant aluminium stand that not only holds and showcases your premium headphones, but is also a full charging station that keeps you powered up.
  • The USB charging cable built into the post on Fermata has a clever, reversible micro USB connector that allows your headphones to connect whichever direction it faces. When not charging this micro-USB cable stays tucked away and hidden inside the Fermata post.
  • The functionality continues with an AC plug, 2 metre power cable and an in-base, additional USB port to charge your iPhone or iPad or even a Game Controller. To keep everything tidy, wrap the excess cable beneath Fermata’s base.
  • Set your headphones atop the stand’s ultra soft contoured leather saddle and connect the integrated charging cable to power up your headphones for your next work day or business trip. Now you can have all of your recharging needs housed in one beautiful stand!


  • World’s first Charging Stand for Wireless Headphones
  • Elevates, charges and displays micro-USB powered wireless headphones
  • Charges via integrated power cable & included wall plug
  • In-base USB for smartphone charging
  • Ultra-soft leather pad
  • Supports all size headphones (25.5 cm tall)
  • Compatible internationally (except North America and Japan)

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