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Keep cords under control with CableSnap, the leather cable organiser.
  • Available in BLACK, MARSALA and TEAL
Model: CableSnap
  • CableSnaps are dapper leather wraps that keep your cables neatly coiled and tangle free. Sold in packs of three, each set includes one large and two small cable managers.
  • Without cable wings on the new MacBook power adapters, your 2-metre long USB-C charging cable can get unruly fast. Use the large CableSnap to keep it neat and tidy when you're on the go. The small snaps are great for things like your lightning cables and earpods/earbuds.
  • If your computer gear leans toward the luxury side, why settle for a simple twist tie or rubber band to keep your cables organised? CableSnaps are fashioned from soft, supple leather that complements your style. Designed to stay put, a strong metal snap keeps each CableSnap securely closed, while the incorporated cable loop keeps your wraps attached to cords when they are uncurled and in use.

Large CableSnap length: 15.7cm
Small CableSnap length: 8.7 cm

  • Genuine leather CableSnaps keep unruly cords coiled and organised
  • Incorporated mini belt-loop keeps CableSnaps attached when cord is in use 
  • This 3-Pack includes two sizes; 1x Large CableSnap to hold MacBook USB-C charging cords and 2x Small CableSnaps to hold earbuds and other charge/sync cable

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