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Trunami™ in-wall subwoofer with sealed enclosure, 8" woofer, dual 6 1/2" passive radiators, includes white paintable grill, 250 watts, 8Ω. Sold each. Amp sold separately.
  • High-Excursion-Spider-Suspension
  • Two 6.5" Bass Augmenting Drivers
  • Frameless, magnetic Ghost
Brand: Truaudio

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  • Featuring High-Excursion-Spider-Suspension (HESS) designed 8" woofer for deep bass, linearity and break-up mode control at high drive levels.
  • Two 6.5" Bass Augmenting Drivers (BAD) to enhance the bass while keeping the dimensions of the Trunami™ cabinet to a minimum.
  • Tuned to vibrate in response to the bass energy coming from the woofer, the BAD's extend the Trunami™ bass a full [email protected] when mounted mid wall near the floor.
  • This gives the Trunami™ the aural perception of bass notes roughly half an octave lower than it would otherwise be able to reproduce.
  • Finally, the use of multiple subs to prevent areas of bass null regions in a room of very low bass is fast becoming the norm in installations.
  • In keeping with that trend, the Trunami™ has been designed to work as a single unit or in 2- or 4-unit configurations to minimize waves and phase cancellations in larger rooms.
  • High Excursion Spider Suspension (HESS) designed 8" woofer
  • Two 6.5" Bass Augmenting Drivers (BAD) for deeper bass
  • Mount between 16" stud in standard thickness wall
  • Comes complete with MDF back box - retrofittable
  • Frameless, magnetic Ghost™-like cloth grill for easy install and minimal footprint
  • Includes white cloth and white paintable grills.

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