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Tivoli Audio’s Model One BT with Bluetooth® wireless technology – in an instant, you’ll be listening to your favourite music wirelessly, or perfectly clear and precise AM/FM radio. With contemporary functionality and a stunning, classic design, the Model One BT is an ideal, effortless radio that can be loved in any room of the house.
  • Dimensions
  • Bluetooth® version
  • Beautiful design
Model: Model One BT

With Tivoli Audio’s Model One BT, simply switch to the Auxiliary position and after initial pairing, you’ll be connected to your personal library. It’s that simple.

On top of Tivoli’s famously clear analogue AM/FM radio tuner, with the Model One BT, you can listen to the music stored on your Bluetooth® wireless technology-enabled device. With an advanced AD2P profile, combined with the excellent control you have with the Model One BT’s trademark equalization, you’ll never tire of hearing your music with accuracy and clarity.

You won’t need to fiddle around with your audio cables anymore, but if you want to, the auxiliary input is still on board, along with record and headphone outputs.

The Model One BT’s tuner is incredibly precise, bringing clarity to even the weakest stations in an acoustically inert wooded cabinet. Bass response and tonal balance are extremely accurate, making the Model One BT one of the best sounding radios on the market.

“It has great build quality and excellent sound quality, and its design ensures it feels great to use.” (PC Mag Australia)

"A fine tabletop radio that looks as good as it sounds." (CNet Australia)

With a beautiful design, effortless functionality and musical precision unheard of in such a small package, it’s no wonder the Tivoli Audio Model One BT is such a pleasure to live with.