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The ProAV Telehook TH-PFK is a highly versatile projector mount kit that includes a flush ceiling projector mount, a 3" NPT pole, and a ceiling plate.
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Uses industry standard 1.5": NPT
  • Designed for quick and easy assembly
  • Supports Projectors weighing up to 25kgs
  • 10 year warranty
Brand: Telehook
Model: TH-PFK

 It is a complete solution that is suitable for a large range of mounting situations out of the box and is also upgradeable. The flush mount incorporates a high level of tilt, pitch, roll and yaw adjustment to ensure the perfect viewing angle in any mounting situation. High security features are integrated throughout the design to ensure projector security in public environments.

Thanks to its extendable mounting brackets it is capable of supporting a wide range of modern projectors, even those weighing up to 25kgs (55lbs). Installers will appreciate the time saving installation features that allow the mount to be set up quickly and securely. The Telehook TH-PFK is a part of the ProAV range that consists of the perfect mounting solutions for all projection environments; from small boardrooms to home theater systems all the way up to large auditoriums.

  • includes a flush ceiling projector mount, a 3" NPT pole, and a ceiling plate
  • Supports Projectors weighing up to 25kgs
  • Uses industry standard 1.5": NPT (national pipe thread)
  • Designed for quick and easy assembly
  • Pre-installed security screws at all connection and adjustment points
  • Can be upgraded with extension poles (TH-PPA-1825, TH-PPA-2448, TH-PPE-24) if more drop length is required
  • All mounting hardware included
  • 10 year warranty

        Brand                                                                                Telehook
        Projector mounting type                                                   Ceiling
        Model number                                                                  TH-PFK

        Maximum supported weight, per display (kg)                  25

        Range of movement
        Rotation around pole                                                     360°
        Pitch adjustment                                                            +/-20° at the mount
        Roll adjustment                                                             +/-5° at the mounting head
        Height adjustable -
        Maximum pole length (mm)                                          76.2

        Quick release mechanism -
        Extension pole available                                              Yes
        Cable management                                                      Internal cable management
        Mounting hardware included                                       Yes

        Warranty                                                                     10 years
        Material                                                                      Steel

        Packaging dimensions
        Length, single unit (cm)                                             26.5
        Width, single unit (cm)                                               21
        Height, single box (mm)                                            13
        Weight, single unit (kg)                                              6.5
        Single units per master pack                                      4
        Length, master carton (cm)                                        45.5
        Width, master carton (cm)                                          30
        Height, master carton (cm)                                        30.5
        Weight, master carton (kg)                                        14.5


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