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The Telehook TH-3060-UFH provides flexible and versatile mounting capabilities for mid weight displays from 5kg (11lbs) up to 25kg (55lbs). This is auto locking mechanism to display position and full range of movement via 2 pivot points.
  • Auto locking mechanism to display position
  • Full range of movement via 2 pivot points
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 3 year warranty
Brand: Telehook
Model: TH-3060-UFH

It is capable of supporting a large range of LED, LCD and Plasma displays due to its universal mounting head and also provides portrait mounting support for selected displays. Integrated Gas Spring assisted design ensures effortless height adjustments and includes an auto locking mechanism to hold the display against the wall. This is perfect for interactive displays that require frequent adjustments whilst simultaneously providing a stable surface for touch screen applications. It’s wide range of movement, universality and ease of use make this the perfect mount for a variety of home, retail and office applications.

  • Full range of movement via 2 pivot points
  • Gas Spring assisted height adjustment for effortless TV movement
  • Auto locking mechanism to hold display position against wall
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Comes pre-assembled for quick and easy installation
  • 3 year warranty

        Brand                                                                                      Telehook
        Model number                                                                        TH-3060-UFH

        Minimum supported weight (kg)                                           5
        Maximum supported weight, per display (kg)                      25
        VESA mounting hole pattern                                                Universal
        Universal Width (mm) From                                                  200
        Universal Width (mm) To                                                      400
        Universal Height (mm) From                                                200
        Universal Height (mm) To400
        Wall mounting type                                                            Masonry , Timber stud
        Minimum number of studs recommended -

        Range of movement
        Range of movement                                                          Full motion arm
        Spring assisted height adjustability                                  Yes
        Tilt adjustment -
        Pan adjustment -
        Horizontal adjustment -
        Height adjustable                                                           Yes
        Landscape to portrait screen rotation -
        Ultra low profile -
        Maximum arm reach (mm)                                             450

        Quick release mechanism                                             Yes
        In-built spirit level -
        Portrait screen installation                                           Yes
        Cable management Integrated cable management
        Security features -
        Mounting hardware included                                       Yes

        Warranty -
        Material                                                                      Aluminium and steel

        Packaging dimensions
        Length, single unit (cm)                                              50.5
        Width, single unit (cm)                                                43.5
        Height, single box (mm)                                             10.8
        Weight, single unit (kg)                                               5.5
        Single units per master pack                                      2
        Length, master carton (cm)                                        52.5
        Width, master carton (cm)                                          23.5
        Height, master carton (cm)                                         46
        Weight, master carton (kg)                                         11.6


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