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The Telehook TH-3060-UF is a wall mounting solution for the latest generation of consumer LED, LCD and Plasma displays.
  • Low profile mount, display sits 26mm (1”)
  • Material : Steel
  • Locking mechanism for safe installation
  • All mounting hardware included
  • 10 year warranty
Brand: Telehook
Model: TH-3060-UF

 If you have a 32" or larger flat screen TV that you wish to mount flush to a wall then this may be the product for you. The slim profile provides a sleek finish while quality construction ensures a lifetime of worry-free operation. Universal VESA support ensures compatibility with a large number of displays. 

A mounting plate affixes directly to the wall while brackets attach to the display using screws included in the pack. After cabling the display is simply lifted and clicked into place. The wall plate incorporates a spirit level and slotted holes for easy alignment while the brackets allow for horizontal adjustment post installation. A latching system on the brackets incorporate sash pulls for easy display release. The sashes feature a folding design so they can be safely hidden beneath the display.

  • Low profile mount, display sits 26mm (1”) from the wall
  • Locking mechanism for safe installation
  • All mounting hardware included
  • 10 year warranty

        Brand                                                                                          Telehook
        Model number                                                                            TH-3060-UF

        Maximum supported weight, per display (kg)                            50
        VESA mounting hole pattern                                                     Universal
        Universal Width (mm) From                                                       100
        Universal Width (mm) To                                                           600
        Universal Height (mm) From                                                     100
        Universal Height (mm) To420
        Wall mounting type                                                                   Masonry , Timber stud
        Minimum number of studs recommended -

        Range of movement
        Range of movement                                                                 Fixed/Flush
        Spring assisted height adjustability-
        Tilt adjustment -
        Pan adjustment -
        Horizontal adjustment                                                             Yes
        Height adjustable -
        Landscape to portrait screen rotation -
        Ultra low profile -
        Minimum distance from wall (mm)                                          25.5

        Quick release mechanism                                                       Yes
        In-built spirit level                                                                 Yes
        Portrait screen installation                                                     Yes
        Security features -
        Mounting hardware included                                                 Yes

        Warranty                                                                               10 years
        Material                                                                                Steel
        Other features                                                                      Hide-away style folding Velcro sash release

        Packaging dimensions
        Length, single unit (cm)                                                      67.3
        Width, single unit (cm)                                                       11.5
        Height, single box (mm)                                                     4.8
        Weight, single unit (kg)                                                      1.8
        Single units per master pack                                              10
        Length, master carton (cm)                                                68.6
        Width, master carton (cm)                                                  25.7
        Height, master carton (cm)                                                25.7
        Weight, master carton (kg)                                                19.1


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