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The TH-1040-CTS is a cutting edge ceiling mount offering superior display versatility, combined with enhanced safety features and hassle-free installation.
  • Designed for screens 17" (43.2cm) or larger
  • Colour: black
  • Product ordering code: TH-1040-CTS
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Designed for user installation
Brand: Telehook
Model: TH-1040-CTS

 The “donut” mounting head effortlessly rotates the screen through 360 degrees around the pole and to maximize display impact the VESA Ball Mount can infinitely adjust display position by 20 degrees in any direction. Display height is also customized with the telescopic pole adjustments. Installation is simple, with in-built safety features to prevent the unlikely event of the telescopic poles separating. Once installed, you’re guaranteed a clean and professional finish by fully internal cable management, a dress cover to hide the ceiling connection and a clean pole without screw holes. Angled ceilings are accommodated with the raked ceiling accessory kit (TH-1040-RCA sold separately). You can also customize this mount to support two screens, back to back (TH-1040-CT-B2B sold separately).

Colour: black
Product ordering code: TH-1040-CTS

Warranty: 10 Years Limited Warranty

Flexible mounting:

  • Designed for screens 17" (43.2cm) or larger
  • Supports 1 (or optionally 2) displays, each weighing up to 25kg (55lbs)
  • Available in two lengths, each with telescopic adjustment (Short: 400-900mm & Long: 900-1800mm)
  • An optional 1m (39") extension pole is available separately
  • Ships with a cover plate to hide ceiling mounting points
  • Features integrated cable management with dual cable exit points
  • Designed for flat ceilings with optional raked ceiling support

Enhanced viewing adjustment:

  • Donut style mounting with tension adjustment
  • Allows +/-20º pan and tilt with user adjustment
  • Allows 360º screen rotation with user adjustment
  • Allows 360º rotation around the pole with position set during installation

Detachable display head:

  • Quick-Attachment mechanism enables easy display mounting and replacement
  • Security screw provides enhanced theft resistance

Easy to Install:

  • Designed for user installation
  • Supports displays with standard VESA mounting hole configurations (WxH mm)75x75, 100x100, 200x100, 200x200
  • Also supports displays with VESA configurations 200x300; 200x400; 300x200; 300x300; 300x300; 300x400; 400x200; 400x300 & 400x400 via an optional adaptor
  • Shipped with installation guide and mounting hardware for cement and timber stud attachment

Durable Design:

  • Steel and aluminium construction with toughened matt powdercoat finish
  • 10 year warranty if purchased after Jan 1, 2011