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Equally at home in your hands or over your shoulder, the STM Judge is your partner on the journey to where life takes you.
  • Easy to adjust
  • Internal organisation pocket
  • Cable Ready™ cable-routing system
Brand: STM
Model: Judge Brief 15
  • The Stash™ is a small inner bag (included) and offers the perfect solution for organising the smaller essentials.
  • Pockets, zippers, compartments ... there's a place for everything, so everything is in its place.
  • Judge makes part of STM's The Streets line - "There are numerous avenues you can take to stow your gear, but no better route to take than The Streets."
  • SlingTech™ not only guards your device but also suspends it above the bottom of the bag, with laminated dual density foam keeping it away from the impact zone
  • Cable Ready™ cable-routing system keeps you connected with cords conveniently stowed out of the way, even between the compartments
  • Easy to adjust, removable shoulder strap includes a detachable pad to always ensure comfortable carrying
  • The Stash™ offers the perfect solution for organising your batteries, cables, pens, and whatnots
  • Internal organisation pocket keeps your valued stuff under control but within reach