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Model: V12-12
  • We have always been a major provider of subwoofers in both in-wall and freestanding formats.
  • The BassX series has been installed in homes around the world with impressive results. But now there is more.
  • The new Vital subs are more powerful, more musical and more dynamic.
  • With entirely new cabinets, drivers and dedicated amplification, these three models will deliver the kind of sonic performance discriminating customers demand.
  • Available with 8, 10 or 12-inch woofers and 80, 120 or 250 watts of power, there is a model for every application.
  • Whether it is a matter of adding a bit of bottom end in the bedroom or filling the theater with bone crushing realism, there is a Vital sub for the job.
  • Shaking the ground and rattling the walls is no longer an option in most home theaters.
  • People want the visceral impact of deep dynamic bass that brings both movies and music to life