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Model: SUB-8.2BAS
  • The 8" In-Ceiling Bass Augmentation System enhances the low frequency response of any in-ceiling or in-wall speaker system; this is particularly effective in large rooms.
  • The BAS systems have built-in crossovers.
  • This allows you to connect your in-ceiling or in-wall speakers to the BAS, which will direct the bass to the BAS and the higher frequencies to your other (satellite) speakers.
  • By selecting one of the three frequency settings, you can control the amount of bass that is sent to the BAS.
  • For instance, if you have small speakers you would set the switch to a high frequency.
  • This will allow your small speakers to play effortlessly, hence, sound better with less distortion.
  • If you have larger speakers, you would set the switch to a low frequency, allowing your larger speakers to reproduce the mid bass and the BAS to play only the low, or sub-bass.
  • This will produce tighter and deeper bass response.
  • No matter how you configure the BAS with any speaker system, you will always get greater saturation, higher SPL and less distortion.
  • The BAS augmentation system just makes your system sound better.