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Model: RUCKUS-6-1
  • While not aged in French oak barrels when we Crafted this design, the 6 One does produce complex, intense bass tones and a slightly spicy vocal range, rather than the overt fruitiness of battery powered units.
  • A major upgrade in both aesthetics and performance, Ruckus landscape speakers are the perfect choice for gardens, backyards, flower beds and any other natural outdoor environment.
  • The new rock inspired enclosures are made of reinforced poly-resin that matches the color of the U.V. weather-resistant lacquer coating that covers the speaker.
  • The result is a stone finish that, even if chipped or marred, will simply expose the same color and texture underneath.
  • This means the speaker will look good and sound good for years to come.
  • New driver elements and crossover networks have resulted in higher fidelity and greater sound pressure levels.
  • Now the backyard can literally be filled with sound that rivals the finest indoor systems.
  • If you are looking to provide quality sound outdoors in most any landscape.
  • The Ruckus series will blend in visually and dramatically impress your customers sonically.