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Model: MRA-664
  • The NEW SpeakerCraft MRA-664 is the whole home audio controller that delivers up to half a dozen unique music sources for amazing sound in every room of the house.
  • This MRA is the first to integrate multi-room audio along with home theater control in a way that is simple to set up and brilliant to listen to.
  • A job that might have once required hours of programming has been distilled down to a simple execution.
  • And, for larger homes, two MRAs can be paired to create a six-source, 12-zone system.
  • That means 12 rooms with music porting into each of them.
  • Additionally, all zones are equipped with fixed or variable pre-outs, making it simple to add power.
  • Volume with one of our new SpeakerCraft Amplifiers (SC2-50, SC2-100, SC2-150, SC12-30, or SC16-50).