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Model: CRS6-0-5PK
  • The popularity of flush-mounted speakers in the ceiling continues to grow.
  • The Custom Round Series, or CRS, has long been a staple of installers around the world for these applications.
  • Available in 5-, 6-, and 8-inch versions, a model exists for almost every specific situation.
  • Featuring identical drivers and performance to their CRS counterparts, the Custom Square Series, or CSS, speakers simply present these elements in a square baffle.
  • Many designers and installers prefer this physical format in certain installations due to architectural or other aesthetic considerations.
  • Most of the CRS/CSS speakers feature our patented Wave. Plane tweeter baffle, which improves both dispersion and high frequency performance.
  • Most of the CRS/CSS also offer pivoting tweeters and adjustable woofer and/or tweeter levels for fine-tuning the system during trim out.