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Model: AIM-WD1
  • Ceiling speakers have become the first choice for the majority of consumers who are interested in home theater or multi-room installations.
  • At SpeakerCraft, we have addressed this demand in a variety of different models.
  • The new AIM Wide was originally intended for creating a diffused rear sound field in a home theater.
  • However, it has become clear
  • that customers are just as interested in using them for high-performance multi-room installations.
  • The AIM Wide has the same footprint and woofers as the AIM8.
  • However, the rest of the speaker is a huge departure from that familiar format.
  • A unique dual mid-tweeter module is mounted directly over the woofer with two 2-inch cone midrange drivers and two ¾-inch dome tweeters facing 70 degrees off axis from each other.
  • The result is ultra-wide dispersion with tremendous fidelity.
  • You will find numerous applications for all three AIM Wide models.