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Model: AIM-MT7-1
  • Building on the success of the AIM LCR, the AIM7 MT series is also an in-wall speaker with a fully pivoting baffle.
  • Allowing the installer to toe-in the left and right speaker for better stereo imaging. 
  • They feature 7-inch woofers, a substantial improvement over the 6-inch driver in the original MT6, as well as an offset, independently pivoting tweeter.
  • They play louder, deeper, and with more authority than the MT6 and at the exact same price.
  • Step up to the AIM7 MT and give your customer a better sonic experience at no additional cost.
  • Available With Acoustacell.
  • SpeakerCraft's AcoustaCell System is an exclusive innovation that solves the biggest problem with in-wall speakers  the wall! When using AcoustaCell.
  • The AIM7 Mirror Image Technology speakers become the most advanced and accurate medium sized in-wall speakers in the world.
  • Dramatically deeper bass, elimination of phase cancellation, and lowered sound transmission into adjacent rooms can all be assured when using AcoustaCell.