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The CVM controls master and zone audio levels in a wireless setup.
  • Wireless full CD audio quality
  • WiFi volume control unit
  • Works with Mac/PC
Brand: Sonab
Model: CVM

Power is nothing without control

  • CVM handles all audio levels without fuss. Convenient, easy and wirelessly.

In the network

  • CVM operates within the System 9 network and talks to each unit. Fine tune audio levels for each volume zone and then adjust the overall master volume. 
  • To play the music in different areas at different levels, there are up to 6 volume zones to set volume individually.
  • Connects by cable to the optional master volume controller CVX. 

Wireless features

  • Wireless full CD audio quality
  • No interference or delays
  • RF band (WIFI): 2.4 GHz
  • Sample rate: 48 KHz
  • Plug n’ play, no software needed
  • Dedicated proprietary network protocol
  • Works with Mac/PC
  • Range: 20–100 m depending on conditions
  • Channel sniffing and frequency hopping
  • 3 channels with 10 ID codes on each channel


  • Type: WiFi volume control unit
  • Channels: 3
  • ID codes: 10

In the carton

  • CVM unit
  • Power adaptor with interchangable plugs
  • Wireless installation manual


  • Height: 150 mm
  • Width: 135 mm
  • Depth: 45 mm

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