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The sleek Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad is the perfect accessory for any workspace. Usable in Calculator Mode or Keypad Mode, the Keypad features a brushed-aluminium finish that pairs perfectly with Apple products.
Brand: Satechi
Model: ST-WPK31
  • Typing numbers and equations has never been easier, thanks to the Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad.
  • Calculator mode allows you to use the Smart Keypad as a normal calculator, with Memory and Backspace functions.
  • You can even use the calculator function, then send the equation to a text field on your computer with one button press!
  • Alternatively, use the Smart Keypad as a number-pad to type numbers and equations quickly.
  • Simply connect wirelessly to extend your existing keyboard with a fully-featured number-pad! 
  • Bluetooth wireless keypad with LCD display
  • Calculator and Keypad modes
  • Bluetooth 3.0 HID, Class II
  • Sleek compact aluminium design complements Apple computers and accessories