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SANUS Trillium Series JUNIPER53 AV stand was designed for connoisseurs of beautiful design.This gorgeous design features designer inspired vented doors to keep components clean while providing an unparalleled level of concealment.
  • Hardware
  • Multiple components
  • Large soundbar
Brand: Sanus
Model: juniper53
  •  Maintaining a cool environment for your components.
  • The multifunctional top shelf provides a generous space to conceal soundbars or components without impacting performance.
Width52.62" / 133.65cm
Height22.50" / 57.15cm
Depth21.00" / 53.34cm
Weight120.31lbs / 54.57kg
Top Shelf Width52.62" / 133.65cm
Top Shelf Depth21.00" / 53.34cm
Top Shelf Weight Capacity100.00lbs / 45.36kg
Middle Shelf Width40.30" / 102.36cm
Middle Shelf Depth19.60" / 49.78cm
Middle Shelf Weight Capacity50.00lbs / 22.68kg
Bottom Shelf Width19.90" / 50.55cm
Bottom Shelf Depth19.60" / 49.78cm
Bottom Shelf Weight Capacity100.00lbs / 45.36kg