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Built-in Bluetooth wireless audio streaming with indicator.
  • Manual / Search tuning
  • High tech touch panel
  • Snooze function
Brand: Sangean
Model: DDR-47BT
  • 20 station presets (10 DAB+, 10 FM)
  •  Ultimate Bluetooth audio with Apt-x and AAC
  •  Display DAB information from DAB service

■ Manual / Search tuning
■ Menu - selection of major functions
■ Slot in CD MP3 / WMA playback - ripping function
to SD card / USB
■ SD card / USB MP3 playback and recording from radios
and media sources
■ High tech touch panel
■ Easy to read LCD display with adjustable backlight
■ Flat, jazz, rock, classic, pop and news sound effects
■ Bass and treble controls
■ Soft and precise tuning
■ Auto scan stations
■ Acoustically tuned wooden cabinet
■ Clock available for DAB and FM RDS-CT
■ 2 alarm timer by radio, buzzer or media
(by CD, USB or SD card)
■ Adjustable sleep timer
■ Snooze function
■ Equipped with an infrared remote control
■ Aux-in for MP3 player or iPod / iPhone
■ Line-out jack socket connection for audio amplified
speaker system
■ One of the USB jacks provides power (5V / 1A Max.)
for charging mobile phones, reading lights, bedside fans
and cup warmers
■ I/O Jacks: AC In, Aux-In, Line-Out, headphone, USB,
SD card and USB B Type Jack Control via SangeanR App
for Apple and Android devices