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When you want room-filling sound on a budget, Richter’s Griffin’s are a compact centre speaker made to compliment a home theatre setup
  • Frequency Response 48 Hz–25 KHz
  • Sensitivity 89 (dB/W/M)
  • Weight 10 KG
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Brand: Richter
Model: Griffin V
  • The soft-dome neodymium tweeters provide wide dispersion, producing a lively and spacious sound stage with smooth musicality, and a response extending well beyond human hearing.
  • The highly efficient 5-inch mid/bass drivers harness composite cones combining the natural acoustic finesse of paper with the strength of modern carbon- fibre technology. This produces ideal damping characteristics plus the coherence and timing essential to draw you into the music.
  •  It boasts rich and deep bass drivers that will amaze you with their power and musicality. The Griffins are part of a home theatre setup and are ideal for medium-sized rooms.

The awesome bass is rich, deep and firm.

  • New crossovers were painstakingly designed with feedback from a large team of audio specialists across Australia to produce emotional vocals, an astonishingly vivid sound stage and a smooth blending of frequencies.
  • The highly stable off-axis response means the Legends maintain realism in a wide spectrum of listening environments – because everyone’s listening room is different.
  • The cabinets have been completely redesigned using non-parallel panels to reduce standing waves, and the comprehensive bracing is positioned to minimise harmonics.
  • Double thickness rear and front baffles and new high density damping makes these the most neutral and musical cabinets we have ever produced.
  • Do yourself a favour, just listen!
  • Speaker Type Vented Symmetric Array 2-Way Centre
  • Impedance 4 Ohms
  • Frequency Response 48 Hz–25 KHz
  • Sensitivity 89 (dB/W/M)
  • Bass / Mid 2 x 105 mm (EPD*) sealed composite paper/fibre cone, inverted cap.
  • Tweeter 25mm soft dome, neodymium magnet.
  • Enclosure Bass reflex
  • Rec. Amplifier Power Depends on main speakers
  • Dimensions 165H x 385D X 495W
  • Connector Dual Gold Plated Binding Posts (bi-wire capable)
  • Available Finishes Black Oak
  • Weight 10 KG