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The QB12 is Q Acoustics’ first 12 inch subwoofer designed to integrate with the whole range of Q Acoustics speakers. The design incorporates many features recognisable in thecurrent range of subwoofers notably the controls and connection panel which is used in both 7060 and 3060 models.
  • Available in BLACK or WHITE
Model: QB12

Incorporated into this imposing unit are some well-hiddendetails including the new cabinet ‘dart brace’ and subtly engineered amplifier heat sink panel on the rear of the cabinet.

The QB12 is finished to complement any bookshelf or towerspeaker within the Q Acoustics range - available in black or white

Dart bracing - Internal bracing provides additional cabinet rigidity and suppresses cabinet resonance.

The ‘dart brace’ provides high axial stiffness directly to the motor system, effectively providing a mechanical ground to thedrive unit.
The load is spread to all faces of the cabinet which also rigidly constrains the enclosure walls effectively over the subwoofer’s operating bandwidth.
The ‘dart brace’ not only gives superior mechanical stability to the drive unit over unbraced systems, that can otherwise result in drive unit ‘bounce’ on the mounting fixtures and baffle, but also reduces the ‘ballooning’ effect of the cabinet, critical for subwoofers that inherently contain high internal acoustic pressure.
A reinforced MDF cabinet with a 36mm thick baffle.
Custom die-cast aluminium heat sink on rear panel supports and cools the ultra-low distortion power amplifier and power supply.
Recessed and hidden rear terminal panel, hides all plugs and channels cables neatly out through the base of thesubwoofer.
Custom designed adjustable spiked feet give firm support on carpeted floor. Reinforced rubber caps supplied for use with wooden floors.

Drive Unit

Long-throw 12” driver delivers high sensitivity and excellent dynamics.
High Bl motor.
High stiffness paper cone with straight sides.
Large 50mm voice coil diameter to reduce thermal compression.


Ultra-low distortion 220W Class D power amplifier capable of delivering 17A peak current
Active limiter prevents unpleasant distortion when amplifier over-driven
Texas Instruments TPA3255 Class D Power Amplifier features an advanced integrated feedback design with proprietary high-speed gate driver error correction (PurePath™ Ultra-HD) delivering ultra-low distortion across the audio band.
Analogue active filters with Linkwitz-Riley pole-zero shifting result in flat acoustic frequency and linear phase response. 0°/180° phase switch to optimise integration with left and right speakers.
Auto switch-on from standby in the presence of an audio input. Can be overridden to force unit on continuously.
Enclosure Type Infinite Baffle (sealed)

Enclosure Material MDF

Drive Units 12” (305mm) High-Excursion

Output Power 200 W Class-D (controlled by limiter)

Max Output Power 220 W (@1% amplifier THD)

Frequency Range 28Hz - 300Hz

Overall Dimensions 400 x 400 x 446mm (H x W x D) without spikes

Weight 18.5kg

Mains power 100 V-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Input Impedance 13 kΩ

Input Sensitivity (for full power at 50Hz, level setto maximum). 150 mV, (L=R)

Input Sensitivity for Auto switch on 1.5 mV (L=R) 3 mV (L only)

Cross over Freq range 70 Hz - 225 Hz (12dB/octave)

Colour Black