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Brand: Proficient
Model: W672
  • Building a cost-effective speaker like the W672 demands that Proficient make all the right choices.
  • Starting with their sweet-sounding silk-dome tweeter,
  • Which pivots so you can get a little extra kick of treble wherever you need it.
  • To provide the lows, they chose a 6½-inch polypropylene-cone woofer to deliver deep, low-distortion bass down to 36 Hz.
  • Proficient knows you might want to use the W672 with an inexpensive amplifier,
  •  They make the most of every watt. With 91 dB sensitivity,
  • The W672 delivers 100 dB with only 8 watts of power! Its 8-ohm impedance makes it easy to drive.
  • And it uses the same sturdy dogleg mounting system as our other 6½-inch in-walls.
  • Includes Thin-Bezel Grilles held by Neo Magnets.