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Brand: Proficient
Model: iws85
  • Subwoofers. We love what they do for movies and music but hate the way they look.
  • Proficient has the answer: the IWS85 in-wall subwoofer.
  • The IWS85 mounts flush in a 95mm deep wall cavity, just like an ordinary in-wall speaker.
  • The dual slim-profile 8-inch drivers have the equivalent air-moving power of an 11-inch driver.
  • To power the IWS85, use the Proficient M3 subwoofer amp.
  • The M3 goes in your equipment rack and connects with in-wall speaker cable.
  • No matter how you set it up, the IWS85's 30 Hz response and 200-watt power handling ensure you'll get great bass.
  • Includes thin-bezel grilles held by neodymium magnets.