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The AW500TT plays both left and right channels from a stereo amplifier.You need just one speaker to get spacious sound.
  • Woofer
Brand: Proficient
Model: AW500TT
  • The 5¼-inch dual voice coil polypropylene woofer delivers satisfying bass
  • The two 1-inch Supernil synthetic fabric tweeters pivot so you can widen or focus the sound.
  • All drivers are waterproof so they can tolerate the weather or a soaking from a sprinkler. 
  • A tough ABS molded enclosure lets the AW500TT handle rain, snow, heat, cold, dust,
  • The minor dings that just happen in any backyard or garage.
  • A rustproof, powder-coated grille protects the waterproof drivers from damage.
  • The included mounting bracket swivels so you can point the speaker in whatever direction you want.


Dual Voice Coil 5.25 inch Polypropylene Cone
Dual 1 inch PIVOTING Supernil Soft Dome
Nominal Impedence
4 Ohms
Sensitivity [email protected]
Frequency Range
60Hz - 20kHz
Power Handling
100 Watts
Dimensions (H x W x D)
178 x 279 x 159mm
Black or White