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The PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium integrated amplifier has been hailed by experts as the best without regard to cost. Sam Tellig loved it in his review for Stereophile magazine, giving it a Stereophile Class A Recommended Component rating.
  • Adaptive AutoBias
  • TAKMAN Resistors
  • AC Offset Killer
  • New front-end circuitry
Brand: PrimaLuna
Model: HP Integrated (KT88)
  • Dick Olsher, a world expert on vacuum tube audio stated in his review for The Absolute Sound magazine said “It’s my current benchmark in integrated tube amplifiers.” Merriam-Webster defines benchmark as, “Something that serves as a standard by which others may be measured or judged.”
  • Because of our designs and proprietary output transformers, the 36 watt DiaLogue Premium has better bass slam than 75 watt tube amps from the biggest names out there.  For customers with low efficiency speakers (84-86dB) that like to play their music loud and have a large room, they may want even more power. 
  • We could have easily doubled the output power by simply doing what everybody else does.  Run the tubes harder. You’ve seen it. Two power tubes per channel running at the jagged edge, producing 75 or even 100 watts. They also produce unhappy customers, who have to replace tubes every 12 months whereas PrimaLuna customers may go ten years before re-tubing.   
  • A better, though much more expensive way to build, is to keep running the tubes easy, but add four more EL34s. That required enlarging the toroidal power transformer, adding a second Adaptive AutoBias board, and all the circuitry upgrades including the tubes, sockets,  Swiss wiring, and Takman resistors. 
  • The result is the HP.  One of the most powerful tube integrated amps in the world.  Delivering 70 watts per channel from EL34's, 80 watts from KT88's, 84 watts from KT120's, and 96 watts from KT150's.   And like all PrimaLuna amps,  the tubes are run so easy you can use it every day and just relax.   
  • Finally, we added an all-tube headphone amp. In fact, it's one of the best headphone amps you can buy. Remember whether a speaker driver is mounted in a box or in a headphone, it's still a speaker.  And the amplifier requirements are the same.   So it makes sense that if you have an incredible amp with the finest output transformers, put it to use to run the headphones by simply dividing the output power. That's exactly what the larger tube headphone amps do.  Compare the HP to the most expensive and esoteric stand-alone headphone amplifiers in the world and you will see what we mean.