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The DAC-80’s digital input stage operates in an asynchronous mode independent of any timing errors associated with the incoming digital audio stream. The input stage synchronizes the data to an internally referenced timing signal generated by an exceptionally stable circuit.
  • USB
  • Outputs
  • Volume Control
  • Digital Inputs
Brand: Nuforce
Model: DAC-80

The re-clocking circuit’s accuracy is such that any negative timing errors (jitter) are reduced to near theoretical limits.

A digital 32-bit volume control offers precise channel tracking. Unlike more common digital volume controls operating at 24 or 16-bits, the 32-bit dynamic range of the DAC-80's volume control avoids any loss of low-level resolution.

The analog preamp stage is a "minimalist" design that offers a signal path that approaches a "straight wire with gain" level of performance. Combined with top quality parts and a full 4.0Vrms signal level at the RCA outputs, the preamp section of the DAC-80 ensures that only the purest of analog music signals will ever be presented to your preamplifier.

A 24-bit, 192kHz DAC stage accurately converts digital audio data back to an analog signal at its native sampling rate. No up-sampling or other questionable data manipulation is ever employed.

  • USB: Asynchronous up to 192kHz/24-bit. Please refer to the Async USB Audio FAQ and Setup Guide.
  • Maximum Sampling Rate: 192kHz
  • Bit Resolution: 24 bit
  • Outputs: RCA
  • S/N Ratio: 96dB, 1kHz, A-weighted
  • THD+N : 0.005, 0dB, 1kHz
  • Frequency Response: 20-25kHz +/- 0.25dB
  • Maximum power consumption: 12-Watts.
  • Dimensions: Height: 2 inches ( 5.1cm ) Width: 8.5 inces ( 21.6 cm ) Depth: 9 inches ( 22.9 cm )
  • Included Accessories: USB cable (1 meter)
  • Digital Inputs: USB, Toslink, RCA x 2, transformer or optical isolated, AC coupled.
  • Output impedance : RCA, 100-Ohm
  • Volume Control: 32-bit digital attenuator
  • Output Voltage: 0dB, 1kHz: RCA 4.0Vrms
  • AC voltage: 100V/110V/220V/230V
  • Available Colors: black and silver color
  • Weight : 2.64 pounds ( 1.2 kg )
  • Sample Rate Indicator: yes