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Step up to JBL-quality sound in an in-ear headphone with enhanced frequency response, a comfortable fit and tablet/smartphone-friendly features to keep you plugged-in and portable.
  • Smartphone and tablet-friendly design
  • Heightened aesthetics and styling in four vibrant color
  • Includes lightweight, plastic carrying case
Brand: JBL
Model: Synchros E10
  • JBL fully realizes the need for quality sound, the E10 combines this with an ideal fit for today’s on-the-go lifestyle.
  • JBL Synchros E10 in-ear headphones are a tablet/smartphone- friendly solution opening the door to full-spectrum, JBL-quality sound thanks to PureBass performance and 8mm drivers.
  • From essential features including a secure, comfortable fit, lightweight design, advanced styling – in a variety of colors to choose from – to their handy, inline, one-button remote/mic and widened frequency range, you’ll enjoy more performance than you might ever expect.
  • The added touch of including a lightweight carrying case, to safely transport your E10s, underlines their portability.
  • Why deny yourself the best sound possible when there’s an affordable, in-ear headphone that speaks so highly of your good taste?
  • Full-spectrum, JBL-quality sound featuring PureBass performance and premium 8mm drivers
  • Smartphone and tablet-friendly design with universal, inline, single-button remote microphone
  • Lightweight construction combined with angled ear-tubes and multiple-sized ear-tips for snug, secure, comfortable fit
  • Heightened aesthetics and styling in four vibrant color choices
  • Includes lightweight, plastic carrying case for easy storage and safe transport