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The Studio 520C center-channel loudspeaker raises your home system to the next level with the advanced technology that JBL engineers developed for professional audio systems.
  • Dual 100mm (4") Low-Frequency Transducers
  • Low-loss, 2-way crossover network
  • Available in black and cherry finishes
Brand: JBL
Model: Studio 520C
  • A truly enveloping theater-quality surround-sound experience begins with the center channel.
  • The Studio 520C features a pair of 4-inch (100-millimeter) low-frequency woofers and a high-frequency compression driver surrounded by a glass-filled Bi-Radial® horn, a combination that delivers crisp, focused, dimensionally accurate sound.
  • Dual 100mm (4") Low-Frequency Transducers
  • Stiff, lightweight ribbed PolyPlas cones with rubber surrounds
  • 25mm (1") diameter Woofer Voice Coils
  • Heavy-duty magnet assemblies with Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG) technology
  • Rigid, non-resonant cast aluminum frames
  • 25mm (1") High-Frequency Compression Driver
  • One-piece Teonex® diaphragm/surround with 25mm (1") voice coil
  • Significantly lower distortion and greater dynamic range than conventional midrange and HF drivers
  • Glass-filled ABS Bi-Radial High-Frequency Horn
  • Controlled directivity at ear level of seated listeners minimizes unwanted HF interaction with walls and furniture
  • Cleaner, more realistic HF sound over a wider listening area
  • 16mm (5/8") MDF Enclosure
  • Rigid, heavily braced design with non-parallel surfaces reduces unwanted resonances
  • Low-loss, 2-way crossover network
  • Smoothes transition between woofers and HF compression driver/horn
  • Reduced distortion and coloration for improved sonic clarity
  • Available in black and cherry finishes