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  • Suitable for the frame wall mount & frame freestanding
  • Stoic optimally isolates HiFi devices from the floor
  • Music playback quality is improved enormously by the vibration-free set-up
  • The low-resonance set-up perfects the sound experience
  • Valuable devices can be presented in an appropriately high-quality manner on their own platform
  • Available in Multiplex Black
Brand: inakustik
Model: 269028
From the wall to the floor: with the STOIC base ideal sound is lifted up also from floors and furniture to enthusiastic levels. Constructional and in ist design the STOIC base is a derivative of the STOIC wall mount. Ist mandate: to eliminate vibrations from the devices' support. No matter if HiFi components are to be placed on the floor or on furniture such as side-boards.

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