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Brand: ELAC
Model: SUB 2070

The SUB 2070 offers earth-shaking bass performance combined with speed, clarity and unmatched impact, all with an enclosure that allows for discreet room placement. The push-push/pull-pull principle is applied to two 250 mm woofers driven by a powerful BASH amplifier, able to deliver 600 Watts and huge dynamic range. It incorporates the same powerful app that makes output and room equalization a snap.

Speaker typePowered subwoofer, closed box
Woofer2 x 250 mm AS cone
Frequency response18 to 180 Hz
Crossover frequency40 to 150 Hz, continuously adjustable
Amplifier TypeBASH-Tracking
Maximum amplifier power600 Watts Max
Standby power consumption1 Watt
Maximum power consumption900 Watts (full load)
Inputs2 x line-channel (RCA); 1 x ELAC WL-interface; 3 x LS level
Input sensitivity2 x 70 mV (RCA)
Input impedance20 kΩ (RCA)