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The Cambridge Audio Minx S212-V3 system was designed for hi-fi sound with a low-profile look. It can be a used as either a compact stereo speaker system for music or as part of an improved TV sound system.
  • Frequency Response: 150Hz - 20kHz
  • Weight: 430g each
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 210 x 219 x 222mm
Model: S212
  • The system comes with a compact 200 Watt subwoofer and with what is best described as two teeny-weenie satellite speakers. We've been surprised time and again by Cambridge Audio's Minx Min satellites — you get so much sound from these speakers.
  • The accuracy, detail and realism you get from the two Minx Min 12 speakers is impressive. And the matching 200-watt subwoofer measures just 9" cubed, delivering big bass without eating into your living space. Whether you're looking to maximise your music or movie experience or add depth to your favourite TV shows and sports, the Minx S212-V3 is waiting to show you what you've been missing.


Ultra-compact Satellite Speakers: 

  • Cambridge Audio completely rewrote the rulebook of what's possible from miniature speakers with their BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) driver technology.
  • Now well established as one of the most popular small speakers on the market, the Minx MIN12 builds on previous models with a revised BMR drive unit.
  • Now in its fourth generation, the BMR driver is better than ever. The new BMR drive unit uses a larger magnet for improved efficiency.
  • Driver excursion has increased from 2.2mm to 4mm, giving enhanced lower-midrange for improved integration with subwoofer. BMR drivers use a flat speaker surface that combines the traditional "pistonic" movement of speaker cones with a "bending-wave" movement to create sound. It's what allows the Minx Min 12s to produce a much wider frequency response than other comparably sized speakers.
  • You'll also experience a much broader sound dispersion across your entire room. Plus, the compact, acoustically damped cabinets offer extreme rigidity, so you hear pure, clean sound no matter how intense your music or movie sound.
  • Naturally, you want your speakers to fit into your home, rather than having to design your living space around your system.
  • That's why the compact Minx Min 12 satellites include a keyhole slot wall mounting bracket.
  • They can also be swivel-mounted to your wall, placed on stands, or positioned on a tabletop using optional hardware.

Awesome Bass: 

  • Like the other Minx subs, the matching Minx X201 uses  a 165mm forward firing driver that is paired with dual passive radiators (unpowered woofers) that boost the mid-bass frequencies very naturally.
  • These are coupled to unique Cambridge technology to produce a bass response that is both powerful and tuneful. Cambridge Audio's software engineers specially designed the sophisticated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) in this sub, allowing it to pump out sensational bass from such a compact enclosure. 
  • When combined with the digital amplifier, this provides exceptional bass from what is one of the world's smallest subwoofers.
  • To maximise this advantage the bass cones are constructed of one-piece, aerospace grade aluminium.
  • Configured with a single, powered cone and twin passive cones, the X201 uses technology never before available at this price range.
  • Compared to the more conventional bass ports you get a greatly enhanced bass response with far more detail and control. 
  • Although small, the X201 packs a mighty 200 watts from its active amplifier and offers gain, phase and crossover control for full control and integration with the satellite speakers.
  • Finished in special, scratch-resistant, premium automotive gloss paint the Minx System 215 is the perfect match for most TVs and home cinema systems. Prepare to be impressed!

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