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Brand: Cabasse
Model: Lipari 21
The Cabasse Lipari 21 subwoofer is a model in a flat design that features a 21 cm diameter speaker powered by a generous amp. Designed to support a pair of compact speakers or a compact home theater or satellite speakers without a box, this subwoofer gives them a nice seat in the bass and improves the realism and sound balance on the music as on the soundtracks.

Thinner and lighter than the subwoofer Santorin 21 that accompanies the system Aeolus 3 WS , the subwoofer Cabasse Lipari 21 is a compact and flat which can be placed against a TV-video furniture or against a wall. It is equipped with digital amplification totaling 200 watts of RMS power, with a peak power announced at 400 watts. It is responsible for powering a loudspeaker 21 cm in diameter whose membrane is made of cellulose fiber.

The Cabasse Lipari 21 subwoofer produces firm, dynamic bass that brings realism to your listening experience. Its very successful aesthetic makes this subwoofer the discreet but effective companion of any type of speaker, in stereo configuration as in multi-channel home theater configuration. Essential to take full advantage of the amplitude and dynamism offered by the multichannel sound of DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray 4K UHD .

Diameter: 21 cm
Membrane: cellulose fiber

Adjustable filter: 50 to 180 Hz

Bandwidth Measurements : 33 - 160 Hz
Rated Power: 200 W
Peak Power: 400 W

Dimensions (W x H x D): 390 x 390 x 150 mm
Weight: 9 kg