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If you want great performance and value you'll find the Lifestyle 600 home entertainment system delivers on those expectations and with SoundTouch® included, it goes well beyond traditional home cinema. Then you turn it on, and powerful audio pours from our redesigned Jewel Cube speakers. Wowza!
  • Thunderous bass and wireless connectivity
  • Easy to use and better sound
  • World of music options at your fingertips, via Soundtouch
Brand: Bose
Model: Lifestyle 600

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<p>If you want great performance—and value—in a Bose surround sound system, you'll find the Lifestyle 600 home entertainment system delivers on those expectations. And with SoundTouch® included, it goes well beyond traditional home cinema. For movies, TV, sports and music, it's a great choice to keep everyone fully entertained.</p>

<p><strong>Spotlight on speakers</strong></p>

<li>Our Jewel Cube speakers have long been the standard for prodigious sound from a small design. Precisely angled drivers within each enclosure reproduce a blend of direct and reflected sound for greater spaciousness and no "sweet spots".</li>
<li>Sit anywhere you like — you'll experience an immersive audio experience that adds depth and drama to whatever you watch. And when it's time to relax with a favourite playlist, you'll appreciate the clarity and fullness of your music.</li>
<li>The centre channel provides clear dialogue for movies and TV shows, plus pristine vocals from your favourite music. Its horizontal design fits in well with your TV, with a small footprint that makes it easy to place.</li>

<p><strong>Thunderous bass. Wireless connectivity.</strong></p>

<li>The Lifestyle 600 system is more than its Jewel Cube speakers. You also get resounding bass performance for movies and music from a wireless Acoustimass module. With its premium glass-top finish, it delivers on sound and style. A powerful driver and QuietPort™ technology combine for best-in-class performance for its size.</li>

<p><strong>Statements in elegance, continued…</strong></p>

<li>The polished glass curvature of the console has a singular style you can't ignore. But it's more than just good looks. The console houses all of your technological needs: Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® connectivity for wireless music streaming, 4K video compatibility, 6 HDMI™ inputs and more. And it's all controlled with a universal remote.</li>

<p><strong>Same system, different speakers.</strong></p>

<p><strong>LIFESTYLE 600 SYSTEM</strong></p>

<p><strong>JEWEL CUBE SPEAKERS</strong></p>

<li>These speakers feature Direct/Reflecting technology, with precisely angled transducers inside each speaker. The output is stunning — what you'd expect from speakers many times their size. They are complemented by a Jewel Cube centre channel that is much smaller (about 15 cm long) than the OmniJewel centre channel."</li>

<p><strong>Less effort, more music</strong></p>

<li>With the Lifestyle 600 system, we put a lot of thought into taking the thinking out. Of course, there's the premium home cinema performance that you'll love for movies, TV and sports.</li>
<li>But when it comes to enjoying your music, you can listen whichever way you want, without worrying about which technology is best. This system features SoundTouch®, which lets you play music through your Wi-Fi® network for instant in-home listening. Or listen directly from a phone or tablet using a Bluetooth® connection.</li>

<p><strong>Fast, simple control of all your music</strong></p>

<li>Experience your favourite music from your SoundTouch® speaker with the SoundTouch® app. SoundTouch® lets you take total control of your listening experience.</li>
<li>Browse popular music services such as Spotify® and Deezer, Internet radio or your stored music library. Easily personalise presets for one-touch access to the music you love, and control one or many SoundTouch® speakers around your home.</li>

<p><strong>Engineered to keep it simple</strong></p>

<li>Unify technology walks you through setup with guided onscreen messages, and ADAPTiQ audio calibration fine tunes the sound specifically to your room and the things in it.</li>
<li>So when you hear it, you hear it at its absolute best. The rear speakers and bass module even connect wirelessly for easier placement.
<li>Console:40.59 cm W x 25.8 cm H x 6.5 cm D (4 kg)</li>
<li>Jewel Cube speakers (each):6.52 cm W x 15.83 cm H x 6.58 cm D (0.46 kg)</li>
<li>Jewel Cube centre speaker:15.37 cm W x 6.76 cm H x 6.53 cm D (0.47 kg)</li>
<li>Acoustimass wireless bass module:30.5 cm W x 38.1 cm H x 30.5 cm D (13.6 kg)</li>
<li>Wireless receivers for rear speakers:16.6 cm W x 4.1 cm H x 7.8 cm D (0.28 kg)</li>

<p><strong>Additional details</strong></p>

<li>Supported audio formats: Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, Multichannel PCM.</li>
<li>Video source compatibility: Support for six 4K/60 video sources (HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2)</li>

<p><strong>Inputs and outputs</strong></p>

<p><strong>Rear panel of the console</strong></p>

<li>1 HDMI™ output with Audio Return Channel (ARC)</li>
<li>5 HDMI inputs</li>
<li>2 optical digital audio connections</li>
<li>2 coaxial digital audio connections</li>
<li>2 analogue L/R audio inputs</li>
<li>1 3.5 mm connection for the Acoustimass module</li>
<li>1 data port</li>
<li>1 IR repeater port</li>
<li>1 Ethernet port for SoundTouch and software updates via a network</li>
<li>1 USB connection for software updates only</li>

<p><strong>Front of the console</strong></p>

<li>1 HDMI input</li>
<li>1 3.5 mm jack for ADAPTiQ system and headphones</li>
<li>1 power button</li>
<li>1 source button</li>
<li>1 system setup button</li>

<p><strong>What's in the box?</strong></p>

<li>4 Jewel Cube speakers</li>
<li>Jewel Cube centre speaker</li>
<li>Acoustimass wireless bass module</li>
<li>Universal remote control</li>
<li>Front speaker cable</li>
<li>2 rear speaker cables</li>
<li>5 AC-2 adapters</li>
<li>2 wireless receivers</li>
<li>ADAPTiQ headset</li>
<li>IR emitter</li>
<li>HDMI cable</li>
<li>4 AA batteries</li>
<li>Console power supply</li>
<li>4 power cables</li>
<li>Owner's guide</li>