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For background/foreground music and paging applications,the Bose® FreeSpace® IZA 250-LZ and IZA 190-HZ integrated zone amplifiers are designed to deliver premium sound, provide simplified set up and easy daily operation.
Brand: Bose
Model: IZA 250-LZ

 Product Overview

For background/foreground music and paging applications,
the Bose® FreeSpace® IZA 250-LZ and IZA 190-HZ
integrated zone amplifiers are designed to deliver premium
sound, provide simplified set up and easy daily operation.

Its offer the flexibility to expand when more loudspeakers
are required.

When used with FreeSpace DS 16 and DS 40
loudspeakers, even further sound optimization is possible
through onboard selectable EQ presets.

Product Information

The Bose® FreeSpace® IZA 250-LZ / IZA 190-HZ integrated
zone amplifier provides signal processing, routing, paging
and amplification for a wide range of commercial applications
such as retail stores, restaurants and bars, hospitality
venues, conference rooms, schools and auxiliary zones.

The integrated zone amplifier offers a variety of easy-touse
input connections (mic/line/page), input gain and output
level adjustments, and operational modes.

FreeSpace DS 16 and DS 40 loudspeaker EQ presets are
available for loudspeaker optimization.


Designed for a wide range of applications, including:
• Retail stores
• Restaurants and bars
• Hospitality venues
• Conference centers
• Schools
• Auxiliary zones

Key Features

• Amplification for premium sound from a reliable, high
quality Class-D amplifier provides optimized performance and
premium sound quality through the use of internal digital signal

• Installation made simple with set up done locally from the
front and rear panels of the amplifier—no computer is required
• Opti-voice® paging provides smooth automatic transition
between the music and page signals

• End-user friendly front panel allows users to connect
devices easily, make tonal adjustments or select between
two sources.Optional wall mountable Bose Volume control
with A/B switch userinterface allows volume and source
selection controls to be placed awayfrom the amplifier for user

• Compact, lightweight design enables the FreeSpace
integrated zone amplifier to be placed out of the way—on a
table, desk, counter, shelf or in an equipment rack using the
optional Rack Mount Kit accessory

• Easy connectivity and expansion are possible for
applications where a second set of output channels are
required. An auxiliary line output is provided to share signals
with an optional FreeSpace ZA 250-LZ or ZA 190-HZ