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4x4 4K Seamless Switching HDMI / VGA Matrix with Video Wall and Multi-Viewer feature, IR Routing, RS-232, IR and TCP / IP Control and Web GUI.
  • Seamless video switching
  • HDMI output resolution fixed to 1080P 60Hz
  • Supports HDMI 2CH PCM audio only
Brand: Blustream
Model: MX44VW
  • Our MX44VW 4K HDMI / VGA matrix is a multi-purpose high-speed video processing system.
  • The MX44VW can be configured for 3 different output modes.
  • The MX44VW can perform as a 4x4 seamless matrix switcher, as a 2x2, 4x1 or 1x4 video wall solution and as a quad multi-view presentation system.
  • Inputs can be assigned as either HDMI or VGA with associated L/R analogue audio.
  • The MX44VW features a web browser interface module for control and configuration of the matrix with additional third party control achievable via the front-panel push buttons, IR remote control, RS-232 interface and TCP/IP.
  • Features 3 operational modes:
  1. - 4x4 Matrix (selected HDMI or VGA inputs)
  2. - Video wall (2x2, 4x1 or 1x4 configuration)
  3. - Multi-viewer mode with preset layouts
  • Features 4x video inputs that can be configured as HDMI video or VGA video with associated L/R analogue audio
  • Seamless video switching
  • Supports all industry standard video resolutions including VGA-WUXGA and 480i-4K
  • HDMI output resolution fixed to 1080P 60Hz
  • Supports HDMI 2CH PCM audio only
  • IR routing with supplied Blustream IR receivers and emitters
  • Control via front panel, IR, RS-232, TCP/IP and web interface module
  • 3rd Party drivers available for all major home control brands
  • HDCP compliant with advanced EDID management

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