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USB Receiver for Wireless Transceiver Audio System - an easy, affordable and flexible way of receiving quality audio around the home.
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • No software
  • LFE transmission
Brand: AudioPro
Model: RX100

Call 0296006655 to order Due to our distributor's restriction, we can't sell this product online. Please call (02) 9600 6655 or Click here for Special Price & to order this product.

Receive CD quality sound transmission, with the RX100. It features 'audiophile quality' Burr-Brown DACs and a CD-quality 44.1 kHz sampling rate. Wireless transmission is robust and reliable, thanks to a specialised audio network using Audio Pro proprietary protocol. There is no interference with 2.4GHz products (cordless phones, etc) or Wi Fi networks.

  • Easy to set-up and use, no software, plug-n-play
  • 50 metre range, 100 metre line-of-sight
  • Can be used with Audio Pro B1.19 and B1.29 USB Subwoofers for wireless LFE transmission
  • Transmit from one TX100 to unlimited RX100 receivers
  • TX100 and RX100 units sold separately - or as part of WF100 set