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Multi-room audio does not get any easier than this.The Audio Pro LV2 speaker system is the quick and easy way to send music around the home and designed for customers.
  • Watt digital
  • Wireless receivers
  • IR remote control
  • Speakers
  • USB power transformer
Brand: AudioPro
Model: LV2

Stereo Powered Wireless Speakers

  •     Almost no wires (2 x AC leads only)
  •     50 metres range (100 metres line-of-sight)
  •     Suits PCs, MACs, or any audio source
  •     Includes remote for volume
  •     Plug-n-play simple — really
  •     Reliable, CD quality, no interference
  •     Beautiful black or white leather finish
  •     High quality sound with Ace Bass

What it does:  Designed for customers who would otherwise not consider an expensive ‘Custom Installation’ system, the LV2 is completely transportable from room-to-room. For example, send iTunes out of the home office and into the dining room; afterwards, listen out by the pool. If the music’s too loud (or not loud enough!), you can adjust the level with the supplied remote. Pack it up in seconds when the party’s over.

Is it easy? Yes. The easiest way for the LV2 to send music is by connecting directly to a PC or MAC with iTunes or Windows Media Audio. The computer will identify the TX100 sending dongle as a USB headset and send music through it digitally. However, the analogue audio input on allows ANY stereo analogue audio source to be fed into the LV2’s TX100 sending dongle.

Examples of use: Feed a zone 2 line-level audio output from a multi-zone AV receiver to the TX100. Or, send an AV receiver's Left/Right surround channel line-output if running speaker cable is too difficult.

Is it good? Absolutely. The LV2 uses Audio Pro’s proprietary wireless technology. Operating at 44.1KHz (CD quality), and using Burr-Brown audio DACs, it’s designed only for high quality audio transmission. It is extremely robust and is not prone to interference from Microwave ovens, telephones, or Wi-Fi networks.

No cables—really? Nearly. Each speaker has a signal receiver too, so there is no connecting wire between the Left and Right channels! The only cables are two AC power cables—one for each speaker.

Is it flexible? Yes. Add as many LV2 speakers as needed: the TX100 transmitter can send its signal to an unlimited amount of receiving speakers. There are three house zones settings too, so three different TX100s can send signals to many different receiving speakers.

One LV2 set includes:

    2 x leather-bound speakers incorporating two inbuilt 25 watt amplifiers
    2 x wireless receivers
    1 x one IR receiver
    1 x IR remote control
    1 x TX100 wireless transmitter
    1 x USB power transformer
    2 x AC power transformers
    RCA to 3.5mm stereo audio cable



    2 x 25 Watt digital (Class D) amplifiers with DSP
    Adaptive biquad coefficients for EQ and DRC filters; thermal and short-circuit protection
    Bass Reflex 2-way speakers: 1” soft dome; 4/5” woofer
    45-20,000Hz freq. response
    Crossover: 4kHz 24dB/octave
    Wireless receiver in each speaker
    IR sensor in right speaker
    2.4GHz RF transmission
    44.1kHz sampling rate
    Closed AP network protocol
    No interference or audible delays (maximum 12ms)
    210mm H x 145mm W x 180mm D each speaker


    Burr-Brown DAC and Sonix audio processor
    3.5mm analogue stereo input
    50m range; 100m line of sight

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