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Studio-quality sound, all-day comfort and calling-taking capability. So if you want lightweight, comfortable in-ear headphones that deliver studio-level sound, the K375s are calling.
  • Famous AKG sound quality
  • Aluminum housings
  • Closed-back design
Brand: AKG
Model: K375

Why are so many professional musicians and recording engineers comfortable using AKG® headphones? Is it the more than 60 years of AKG expertise engineering the precise, studio sound that top artists demand? Or is it simply because they, like you, want uncompromising sound quality for their music? AKG K375 in-ear headphones offer comfort that extends beyond your choice of headphones. They keep you listening to your favorite music all day with a combination of high-performance sound and incredible comfort. AKG K375 headphones come with three different sizes of soft, malleable silicone sleeves that will fit snugly into ears of every shape. Aluminum housings provide superior acoustic damping and extended bass response, while the headphones’ closed-back design helps keep outside noise from disturbing your listening experience. A three-button remote lets you control the playback functions from your iPod, iPad, iPhone or other Apple device, and an in-line microphone enables you to use AKG K375 headphones while making a phone call, giving you yet another reason never to take them off.

At a glance:

  • Famous AKG sound quality
  • Aluminum housings
  • In-line microphone and remote for iOS devices
  • Silicone sleeves in three sizes
  • Choice of two colors
  • Closed-back design
  • Carrying pouch

Famous AKG sound quality
For over 60 years, AKG Acoustics has been the leader at creating studio sound in headphones. We hold over 1,400 patents for our groundbreaking products; and two technical GRAMMY® Awards (in 2010 and 2005) for sound innovation. And the K375 headphones live up to the brand’s finest traditions.

Aluminum housings
The housings on the AKG K375 headphones are made of aluminum, which provides superior acoustic damping, extends bass response and reduces the resonances that can compromise sound quality. Aluminum gives the headphones an elegant finishing touch and helps keep them lightweight and comfortable.

In-line microphone and remote for iOS devices
AKG K375 in-ear headphones have an in-line microphone, so you can make calls that are every bit as crisp and noise-free as the music you listen to on your smartphone. A three-button remote lets you control the playback functions from your Apple device.

Silicone sleeves in three sizes
A thoroughly inspiring listening experience begins and ends with comfort. AKG K375 in-ear headphones come with soft, smooth silicone sleeves in three different sizes so that they will fit into ears of all sizes comfortably and snugly from the beginning of a playlist to the end.

Choice of two colors
Your music has style, so it makes sense that your headphones should too. With AKG K375 in-ear headphones, you can choose between models in black or white.

Closed-back design
AKG K375 in-ear headphones keep music in and noise out. Their closed-back design helps impede outside noise from entering your ears while preventing the sounds that you’re hearing from leaking out for the outside world to hear.

Carrying pouch
Nothing slows down the listening process like having to undo a twisted knot of headphone cord. AKG K375 in-ear headphones come with a carrying pouch so that you can store them safely and help keep the cord from becoming an unruly ball of tangles.

What’s in the box

  • 1 set of AKG K375 in-ear headphones
  • 3 pairs of silicone sleeves (S, M, L)
  • 1 3' 11-1/4" (1.2m) cable
  • 1 carrying pouch