TV Antenna and Cabling Installations

Did you know that there is an Australian Standard for TV Antenna Cabling?

Ensure that your installer you choose follows the Standard (Australian Standard AS/NZS 1367:2007) so that your TV reception is clear and interference free.

The trained Installers at Pacific Hi Fi understand what is needed to make the most of the available TV and Radio signals. We will help you pull in your favourite radio station, without the interference caused by other modern electronics.

Home Cabling and Data Cabling Installations

What is “Smart Home Cabling”?

Well, it’s a whole lot more than you imagined.

Proper installation of your home and data cables is important if you seek to have a modern technological home.  For the homeowner who wants to simplify their life, it is imperative that you find a quality installation company, like Pacific Hi-Fi, that can help you make the most out of your home entertainment.

Outdoor Speaker and Sound System Installation

 Take your entertainment to a new level.

The professional team at Pacific Hi Fi can help with your outdoor speaker & sound system installation needs. Pacific Hi Fi will show you the easiest and best way of getting sound out into the great outdoor areas of your home,  office or school.

Multi Room Audio and Video Installations

Why limit your listening and viewing enjoyment to just one room in your home or apartment?

We’ll show you how you can get hours more entertainment by sharing your Music and Video library as well as Pay TV systems (Foxtel, Austar, Optus etc) to every room throughout your home.

Television and Antenna Installation

Trust our trained team to install your LCD or Plasma TV and Antenna the right way first time.

Television and Antenna installation may seem like an easy task but more often than not it is best to leave it to the hands of our experienced professionals. We will not only will give you advice on how to achieve the best possible setup and quality with your gear, but will also install everything for you and have it looking just the way you imagined it.

Home Theatre Installations

 Home Theater System and Home Cinema System Installations

You can trust our trained team at Pacific Hi Fi to install your Home Theatre and audio video system correctly  the first time! To the untrained, connecting up all the components of a Home Theatre System can be quite daunting. No matter how complicated your system is, let our trained and professional installers do it all for you.

Home & Office Cabling and Pre-wire Installation

  • Are you building or renovating your Home?
  • Do you want your house to be a Smart House?
  • Is your House Ready for the Future?
  • What about the NBN?

You need to call in the trained experts at Pacific Hi Fi to consult and design a solution for you.

Our continued association and Certified Qualifications with the industry’s leading trade and training organisations, including CEDIA & BICSI, ensure that the team at Pacific Hi Fi are right up to date with the latest that technology has to offer, both today and for the future.

Commercial AV Installation

Commercial Audio & Video installations for :-

  • Board Rooms

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Restaurants

  • Retail Showrooms

  • Places of Worship

  • Projectors

  • LCD, LED & Plasma TV