I purchased my first system "Vector Research" from the 4 brothers Frank, Vince Joe and Steve over 25 years ago. I remembered how professional and helpful they were back then. I have now upgraded to a new system. I went straight to these guys. I must say that they have changed in 25 years, a few grey hairs and a great deal of experience wisdom and advice that comes with all those years in the industry.

Today I finally have everything set up. The 7.1 Home theater, LCD TV, A-Bus,PVR,Ps3, etc. Vincent was who I corresponded with the most, he knows this has taken a while to finalize. I have to say that the guys are a fantastic team. They really know their stuff.

I met Joseph today for the first time who is their chief installer/technician. Before he came I fiddled around tying to get it all set up myself. Part of the service was a couple of hours set up time. Joseph, thank you it sounds sensational now. Joe, My prayers will be with you for a full recovery.