I’d heard about the Richter Wizards but they weren’t on my short list. Went into Pacific Hi-Fi, Liverpool and looked at several speaker types. Happily, I was then given a demo of the Wizards Vs. Was immediately taken by the musicality of the speakers. A second listening reinforced the great sound. I ordered the speakers 48 hours later and have been trying them out with jazz, classical, 50s pop and rock. Driving them with a Peachtree Nova150 amp (150 watts) and the sound is great with all the music. Clear highs and mids and very solid bass. Great sound. The Wizards will be quite at home in anything from a small to medium to large room. At 20kg weight per speaker, they’re quite easy to move around if you like experimenting with position. I was also lucky to be able to take advantage of Richter’s current special. Thanks Pacific Hi-Fi and THANK YOU Richter. Highly recommended.